DeLacy Warpipe Band

pipe-band mentioned by name

According to O’Neill "probably the most unique band in Ireland […], composed exclusively of 9 members of the DeLacy family, boys and girls, hailing from the townland of Tomsallagh, Ferns, Co. Wexford" [NE of Enniscorthy]; The family of 14 children, brought up in a labourer’s cottage with only half an acre of garden, won first prize for care and crops for 13 years; The DeLacys owe not a little of the renown that their acquirements have won, to the encouragement, training, and fostering care of Patrick Whelan [piper. fiddler, and fluter¹ (1862-1906)] of Scarawalsh [➺ O’Neill, p.372-374; ¹NB: ➺ p.497]; Their first meeting, and the introduction of Warpipes into Wexford, are due to the energy of John Smithwick Wayland, founder of the Cork Pipers’ Club.

Instrument: War pipe / War-pipe


O’Neill, Francis: Irish minstrels and musicians: the story of Irish music [Chicago, 1913]. Cork, 1987 [facsimile], p.346-348*.