Sonus de Canna

Founded, 1986, in Assemini, by Dionigi Burranca and some of his pupils; They nurse, as Giampaolo Lallai states, "an interesting vocal and instrumental repertoire, the result of a rigorous and careful research in the field of folk traditions on the island"; The group consists [2018; ws] of 12 members, all of whom sing, though 3 of them are actually Launeddas players and 1 (Tonino Leoni) an accordion and guitar player; NB: Encountered names of participating Launeddas players (1986- ... [2018]): Silvio Congiu, Antonello Ghiani, Sergio Lecis, and Bruno Loi.

Instrument: Launeddas (Launeḍḍas)


Lallai, Giampaolo: Il declino delle launeddas: la crisi, il recupero. In: Launeddas: l’anima di un popolo (1997), p.77-78.