Khaeng ̬ (gender unknown)


Meo people (village Doi Pui (Chiang Mai district); The instrument is played at funerals only, accompanied by a drummer; It can be played all the time, but it must be played when relatives of the dead person come together, 30 minutes before animals (except chicken) are killed to send the spirits away, and 2-3 hours during the funeral; Indoors the instrument is played melodically, i.e. not using chords; Each child of the deceased person has to sacrifice an ox, from which the musicians receive 2 beef ribs [each, from each ox?] as a gift; Oddly, Oesch states that after the burial "The musical instruments [!] must be destroyed and thrown away" and "After the funeral a new mouth organ [only] will be made", confusingly suggesting that the drum is destroyed, a new one never to be made, which, in my perception, is highly improbable (i.e. extremely hard to believe); NB: ➺ Tha kaieng.


Oesch, Hans (ฮัน เออซ): The music of the hilltribes in northern Thailand (= การศึกษาดนตรีของซาวเบาทางภากเหนือบองประเทศไทย [Kār ṣ̄ụks̄ʹā dntrī k̄hong chāw beā thāng p̣hākh h̄enụ̄o k̄hong pratheṣ̄thịy (?)]). In: Jl. Nat. res. council of Thailand 11;2 (Bangkok, 1979), p.5-7, 25 (no.15).