La֑ je ̬ / La֑ je ̬ bah ̬ (gender unknown)


Akha people of Mae Chan district (prov. Chiang Rai); It is played in the evening when young men and women meet at the courting place in the periphery of every village; The Akha distinguish between a traditional and a modern style; A player always dances whilst playing, often making acrobatic movements without interrupting his music; Normally his performance takes place in the centre of the courting place, surrounded by the other youngsters who talk and laugh together; These meetings can be considered a kind of marriage market; Details given here are collected by Oesch, apparently in one village (Pakha, 22km W of Mae Chan) only; NB: ➺ La֑ je ̬ (kah) and Lachi.


Oesch, Hans (ฮัน เออซ): The music of the hilltribes in northern Thailand (= การศึกษาดนตรีของซาวเบาทางภากเหนือบองประเทศไทย [Kār ṣ̄ụks̄ʹā dntrī k̄hong chāw beā thāng p̣hākh h̄enụ̄o k̄hong pratheṣ̄thịy (?)]). In: Jl. Nat. res. council of Thailand 11;2 (Bangkok, 1979), p.10, 23 (no.1).

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