Kabittsina (f)

(with) definite article: sa
plural: Kabittsinas; (with) definite article: is
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idioglot single reed with the vibrating end of its tongue facing the bore of the tube in which it is inserted

Identical types: 3

From Old Logudorese "kapiθa" [head]; NB: Its tongue is always up-cut for a very good reason: when starting to play, the Kroba is put first into the mouth, and tuned; Then, whilst playing, the Mankosedda is added through the "closed" lips; If the Kabittsina were down-cut, it would be difficult, if not impossible to do such without damaging its Limbatta [tongue].

Made of cane (Arundo donax), with a naural node at its top.

Bocchino, Bocchinu, Cabitta, Cabitzina, Cabitzinu, Cabizza, Cabizzinu, Launedda


Weis Bentzon, Andreas Fridolin: The launeddas: a Sardinian folk music instrument. Copenhagen, 1969, p.14, 144 (note 5).

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